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People who are in treatment for HIV can often expect to live long, healthy lives. People who have been virally suppressed for at least six months and continue to take their medication as prescribed are no longer able to transmit to others via sexual contact.  HIV treatment is available to every resident of the County who is living with HIV.

You can talk to any health care provider about getting treated for HIV. If you don’t have a primary care physician, there are numerous community clinics and other health care providers that provide HIV treatment in San Diego County.

Health care providers and clinics in San Diego County that provide HIV treatment services include:

If you have health insurance/primary health plan talk to them about HIV care. If you do not have health insurance, these clinical providers have programs/HIV specialists that may help you.

HIV treatment providers near you:

2-1-1 San Diego

For a comprehensive list and more information on specific HIV care and treatment service providers, please visit